Daily Dog Walking: Private & Group

Do you have a dog that needs a ton of exercise and you do not have the time to provide them with it? Would your dog benefit from daily exercise to help prevent behavioral issues, lose weight, stay fit, or simply receive some extra attention while you are at work or on vacation? Are you disabled and love the companionship of a canine but are not physically capable of providing regular exercise from them? Daily and weekly dog walking is a wonderful way to ensure that your pals' daily exercise needs are met. It gives them a chance to get their unspent energy out, stop and smell the roses (or smell the route their buddies have chosen around the neighborhood) and come home in a relaxed state to tell you about the adventures of the day with a huge and relaxed smile on their face!

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Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services
Serving the Los Angeles area since 1997.
Jaime Rosier